Metacommentary – something, ahhh.. wait wrong exercise.. whoops! (for week 3’s stuff refer to ‘..Emily Poe vs facebook’)

Exercise 1.

For this exercise I used the following article titled “Men who earn less ‘more likely to cheat'”

The author of this article uses metacommentary to show both sides of his argument, essentially while he provides information on why men cheat he also makes a point of saying that women are in a lose lose situation. He then uses the same techniques in his flip side argument.

Given the nature of the article, the author hasn’t exactly used the conventional metacommentary ‘templates’ described in the book. However, it does use such phrases as “then again”, “overall”, “the study found that” and it also provides examples without  actually stating “for example”. Aside from those I could not identify any other forms of metacommentary in the article. Further more the metacommentary used in the article enhances the subject at hand. It helps the author to show both sides of the argument by using the information gained from the study at the same time as using entertaining examples.

Exercise 2.

OK.. i’m not really sure that i get what its asking us to do so i’m guessing the first one and I’ll just have to sort it out tomorrow in class.

  • In making a case for the medical use of maijuana, this is not to say that…..???


So apparently I did the wrong exercise all together. I was under the impression that we had to do the exercises at the end of the chapter we had read, so they were the ones I did. Im now studicously using the time I have gained by being kicked out of my tute to now do the right questions (and I’m leaving the other stuff I did up here just for future reference).

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